PinUp of the month : July 2008

This is sadly that I post this sketch, Michael Turner was a great artist, I was a big fan when Witchblade came out here in France. I truely loved the way he worked, his version of the Darkness, Wolverine and Fathom .... blows my mind each and every time, even now I'm still using 2-3 technics he revealed in Wizard like the hair, the hands, the eyes....A lot of french doesn't like his work and they have their rights but as an artist, I respected his devotion, his late work wasn't my favorite but I'm still and ever be a fan. Lately, I bought a lot of stuff from Michael (like the Civil War exclusive cover) thinking one day , I could shake his hand and he could sign'em but that day will never come....I will miss his art. Goodbye Michael Turner.

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The Punisher 2

Still in my Punisher era, I wanted to do that kind of sketch a long time ago, trying something very different of my other works, a sketch who really means something, not just a PinUp or a still, I used a lot of real references to built the entire composition of this page like the coat, the guns, the shadows, etc....


The Punisher

I have to confess, The Punisher is my favorite character and when I played on the PS2 video game, I had a huge "Punisher" era in my mind and on my work so here my first attempt on Frank, I use the same technic that Jim Lee used when I saw him in Paris for a signing session and through the years, it's still one of my favorite work.


eBay commission : She Hulk

Like the last She Hulk com', I truely enjoy drawing her (especially working with the color of the different green tone on a green paper) it's like a vacation, just find the good idea, and with Jennifer, it is pretty easy to do, she's a lot of fun and put her in a comical situation is a true happiness.