PinUp of the month : May 2009

This month we got two winners, we had to vote for the worst nemesis and I choose Sinestro but the winners are Darkseid and the Green Goblin. I, first up, started something twisted with the death of Gwen Stacy (oh yeah, we don't have to draw both of them) and it frustrated me, it wasn't funny to do and with the summer coming, I needed some fresh stuff, something cool.

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first attempt:
final version :


Scarce 72 - The New Warriors

A french magazine name Scarce release one of my work for the edition of may, the main file concerned the New Warriors and some artists has there chance to appear in ths book and I was in.
here the cover of the magazine and my sketch :


PinUp of the month : April 2009

I passed on the PinUp of march (Alan Moore universe) I started it with Moore himself in the middle of Mina Harker (league of extraorinary gentlemen), Silk Spectre (Watchmen) and Evey Hammond (V Vendetta) but....unable to finish it well I had to do this month and the citizens voted Catwoman among the villains based on animals and here what it looks like :

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