City Hunter

After the little manga style with the last PinUp of the month, I tried to keep this good feeling drawing the character from City Hunter, mister Ryo Saeba himself, I never drawn this character before and it was really cool to use the manga style with that type of painting.


PinUp of the month : August 2008

I decided to do 2 PinUp this month 'cause I always wanted to do a Hulk sketch and I couldn't pass on the wonderful interpretation of Heath Ledger playing the Joker from "The Dark Knight".
He did a terrific work with his Joker's version, a thousand miles away better than I could imagine.
I'll never see the Joker without thinking of his amazing performance anymore so thanks for making a dream come true and Rest in Peace mister Ledger....

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Commission Deadpool

A little commission who finally wasn't good enough for my customer...as far as I'm concerned, I like it, the hardest part was to fit 2 characters in a same page, I had to cut a little part of the cowl and a half of the robber's body, that's why it didn't work so I'm gonna keep it for myself.


PinUp of the month : September 2008

All right, this month, it's about a very famous manga character back from the 80's, to be honnest I voted Dragon Ball but Cobra is not a bad choice.

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