PinUp of the month : January 2009

The PinUp of this month is a character that I never heard anything of, Killer Frost. I voted for Mister Freeze 'cause we had to choose between a character with freezing abilities but the lady won the poll, I really wanted to draw Victor so I started to think about how I could put this two characters together and here what it looks like :

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Wolverine/Thanos commission

Here my latest work for a guy called Raul7, he asked me an old school Wolverine and a massive Thanos and here the result, Wolverine was hard to do with the white rip effect 'cause I had to hide the claws effect and the Wolverine's silhouette before painting in red the rest of the page, about Thanos, it was a good exercise, I never tried to do this character before and I always liked him.