PinUp of the month : May 2011

With the movie X-Men 1rst Class we had to choose our own mutants to build up the best team ever. Honestly to me the best team is 100% X-Women !
I tried to finish it but I lost the envy so no inks, no color just a quick sketch up and here ya go !

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PinUp of the month : June 2011

And again one more year since the last work. This time I had a break to take a pen and did a quick stuff for the new design of Tigra.
Many people keep the tiger stripes but just change her orange color to a white tiger or modified her hair style, but I have to admit it, it's pretty hard to find a new design for such a simple outfit. You got to find something else and what's better than a funny gear for this chararcter instead of new colors :

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PinUp of the month : August 2010

Over a year since I stopped doing some PinUp, I finally get some time to get back on my desk.
Poll of this month : Susan Storm at the Beach !
I deeply love this character and the ideas for her are almost unlimited to make her look sexy and funny !!

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Buzz Artbook volume 2

Finally, the Buzz Artbook 2 will never see the light 'cause no one want to handle the project and that's sad....damn sad, I was going to tease my 1rst comic book project with this sketch, whatever, I'm gonna share it here. So The comic book talks about redemption, a guy torn between his lost and the desire to move on but he can't. But very soon, he will discover a new way to see his future.


Buzz Artbook volume 2

After a long hesitation I decide to post my work about the second artbook. It was suppose to be release this fall but only few people did what we were all suppose to do, finish the work before the end of august. I was a little upset about people who didn't care and start there work the last week of august saying "Oh man I have to do mine right now". Now the artbook will be relase later. Anyway, here what I did :


PinUp of the month : June 2009

Neil Gaiman was the theme of this month, and I don't know his work I just know what he created but never open one of his book, between Death, Sandmand, the only character I knew was Angela from Spawn, I drew too many fun stuff lately and I wanted to do something darker and I really wanted to add some color here and there but I was too scared to screw the atmosphere so it will stay black and white.

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The Dark Knight

An very talented artist named Julien Moreau inspired me to use his great style to reproduce this Batman, it was a cool project :


PinUp of the month : May 2009

This month we got two winners, we had to vote for the worst nemesis and I choose Sinestro but the winners are Darkseid and the Green Goblin. I, first up, started something twisted with the death of Gwen Stacy (oh yeah, we don't have to draw both of them) and it frustrated me, it wasn't funny to do and with the summer coming, I needed some fresh stuff, something cool.

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first attempt:
final version :


Scarce 72 - The New Warriors

A french magazine name Scarce release one of my work for the edition of may, the main file concerned the New Warriors and some artists has there chance to appear in ths book and I was in.
here the cover of the magazine and my sketch :


PinUp of the month : April 2009

I passed on the PinUp of march (Alan Moore universe) I started it with Moore himself in the middle of Mina Harker (league of extraorinary gentlemen), Silk Spectre (Watchmen) and Evey Hammond (V Vendetta) but....unable to finish it well I had to do this month and the citizens voted Catwoman among the villains based on animals and here what it looks like :

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Here's a gift I did, I didn't know this character at all, my first thought was, "oh he's pretty easy to do", but hell I was wrong, if you don't know a character, how will you be able to find his specific pose ? I start to draw him seriously but everything going bad again and again until I drop the serious and angry idea, then I started to do something more cooler, almost childish and it became more natural and pretty fun to do after all :


PinUp of the month : February 2009

The PinUp of this month was suppose to be Star Wars and I don't know why we all had to do Vader, I'm not confortable with his design, to many details in black, not easy to highlight them.
I thought we could do many others characters, but Vader must appear in this sketch, so the only way to draw him was to make a page with the entire Siths... but in the end, it wasn't Vader the most difficult character to draw but Grievous. I lost the capacity to draw many characters in one page (when I was young I did that pretty often) and I was glad to try it this time, just to know if I'm still capable to do it so here we go :

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PinUp of the month : January 2009

The PinUp of this month is a character that I never heard anything of, Killer Frost. I voted for Mister Freeze 'cause we had to choose between a character with freezing abilities but the lady won the poll, I really wanted to draw Victor so I started to think about how I could put this two characters together and here what it looks like :

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Wolverine/Thanos commission

Here my latest work for a guy called Raul7, he asked me an old school Wolverine and a massive Thanos and here the result, Wolverine was hard to do with the white rip effect 'cause I had to hide the claws effect and the Wolverine's silhouette before painting in red the rest of the page, about Thanos, it was a good exercise, I never tried to do this character before and I always liked him.


PinUp of the month : December 2008

I'm glad to draw such a great character, I always liked him, since I was a kid. He's mean, tough, totally bad ass and his look is totally spot on even if it's pretty easy to draw a space villain with a massive silhouette but the axe makes the difference. Let some space to Terrax !!!!!
....and by the way...... happy new years folks !!

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Buzz Artbook

Here my two works I did for the artbook, who will be release in a couple of week from now, it was a good initiative to regroup all the artists who show their talent in the Buzz comics forum into a book, and I was proud to be a part of it.
Here my pages, enjoy and merry X-mas fellas !

You can check some "Work in progress" here : Artbook et buzzukis...

The cover :


PinUp of the month : November 2008

I pass on the last PinUp of the month (it was supposed to be Dracula) 'cause I was unable to find a good idea, but this month, the theme is much easier than the last month, now we had to deal with the Daywalker "Blade". I really like this character even if the last movie was a huge pain in the ass.

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City Hunter

After the little manga style with the last PinUp of the month, I tried to keep this good feeling drawing the character from City Hunter, mister Ryo Saeba himself, I never drawn this character before and it was really cool to use the manga style with that type of painting.


PinUp of the month : August 2008

I decided to do 2 PinUp this month 'cause I always wanted to do a Hulk sketch and I couldn't pass on the wonderful interpretation of Heath Ledger playing the Joker from "The Dark Knight".
He did a terrific work with his Joker's version, a thousand miles away better than I could imagine.
I'll never see the Joker without thinking of his amazing performance anymore so thanks for making a dream come true and Rest in Peace mister Ledger....

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Commission Deadpool

A little commission who finally wasn't good enough for my customer...as far as I'm concerned, I like it, the hardest part was to fit 2 characters in a same page, I had to cut a little part of the cowl and a half of the robber's body, that's why it didn't work so I'm gonna keep it for myself.


PinUp of the month : September 2008

All right, this month, it's about a very famous manga character back from the 80's, to be honnest I voted Dragon Ball but Cobra is not a bad choice.

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PinUp of the month : August 2008

Okay so this month, we had to deal with the summer blockbuster and I choose The Hulk and it doesn't mean that I will pass on the Dark Knight and believe me, I will NOT pass on The Dark Knight so stay tune.....

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PinUp of the month : July 2008

This is sadly that I post this sketch, Michael Turner was a great artist, I was a big fan when Witchblade came out here in France. I truely loved the way he worked, his version of the Darkness, Wolverine and Fathom .... blows my mind each and every time, even now I'm still using 2-3 technics he revealed in Wizard like the hair, the hands, the eyes....A lot of french doesn't like his work and they have their rights but as an artist, I respected his devotion, his late work wasn't my favorite but I'm still and ever be a fan. Lately, I bought a lot of stuff from Michael (like the Civil War exclusive cover) thinking one day , I could shake his hand and he could sign'em but that day will never come....I will miss his art. Goodbye Michael Turner.

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The Punisher 2

Still in my Punisher era, I wanted to do that kind of sketch a long time ago, trying something very different of my other works, a sketch who really means something, not just a PinUp or a still, I used a lot of real references to built the entire composition of this page like the coat, the guns, the shadows, etc....


The Punisher

I have to confess, The Punisher is my favorite character and when I played on the PS2 video game, I had a huge "Punisher" era in my mind and on my work so here my first attempt on Frank, I use the same technic that Jim Lee used when I saw him in Paris for a signing session and through the years, it's still one of my favorite work.


eBay commission : She Hulk

Like the last She Hulk com', I truely enjoy drawing her (especially working with the color of the different green tone on a green paper) it's like a vacation, just find the good idea, and with Jennifer, it is pretty easy to do, she's a lot of fun and put her in a comical situation is a true happiness.


Lord Darth Maul

As a big Maul's fan, I had to do this one, the ultimate Sith, it's all about the darkside !!! Such a great design for this character, a black monk with a psycho face paint and a petrifying look. Slay'em all !!!!


Jack Sparrow

I definetely like this character, and draw him is a real pleasure, the facial expression, the clothes, the hair, Sparrow is 100% entertainment for each artist, and working on a dark paper allows me to work on a light of the face which is pretty useful.


Colossus - Gambit cartoon style

I try to color this sketches with Photoshop, something who bores me a lot, I hate digital work, I truely prefer the contact of the material to a cold tablet, but as an artist, we have to try everything, and one thing is for sure, it's a huge waste of time, 2 hours for an effect when you can do that with one simple gesture...



I did this one the same time than Grifter, (Bermejo rules !!!), I'm a huge fan of Zelda (since day one), and Link is a great hero and he reminds me my early day when I was playing on my old Nintendo : "The legend of Zelda". What a wonderful video game, inovating, inspiring, immersive, it carries you in a whole new world of fantasy.


PinUp of the month : May 2008

This month, the major discussion was about the movie "Indiana Jones : and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", good movie, bad movie ? who cares, it's all about the character.
I was happy to draw Sean Connery (man, I wanted him in the fourth film), but I totally screwed Harrison Ford's face. Later, I saw 2-3 things which could upgrade my sketch like a papyrus paper or something like that.

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The Joker

To stay with the Dark Knight universe, here's his insane nemesis : the Joker. He's very easy to do, green hair, big smile, yellow teeth, just find a good facial expression, I will probably try to make a classic version in a cell of the Arkham asylum.


I did this Batman for myself and because someone challenged me if I was able to draw the entire JLA in this cartoonish style since the last Flash and Green Lantern. Cartoonish but still threatening, the Dark Knight has to be serious even in this type of exercise.


PinUp of the month : April 2008

The theme was "the Fairy Tales", and the choices were Peter Pan, White Snow, Monsters, Baba Yaga,... and Red Hood won the poll, I was really happy to draw her, you have a lot of possibility with this character. My first sketch was pretty serious, very primitive and disturbing, something metaphoric, like an adult stalking a child (which is the real theme of this tale).
Finally the theme opened and we all did the same thing,all of us. A psycho, bloody werewolf fighting a sexy Red Hood, I was saying "oh man I have to do something else !!!" And it came naturally, always the same catchphrase "funny and sexy" and here the result.

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First idea......
and Final version :


eBay commission : She Hulk

An old eBay commission, I really enjoyed working on this character, she's an amazing source of inspiration, beauty and rage. Working on a green paper is awesome, you can light every details on the body parts, I will probably do more Jennifer Walters very soon.


PinUp of the month : March 2008

This month, we had to vote for a "metallic character", we had Terminator, the Metal Men, Colossus,....and Ghost Rider 2099 was chosen, I wasn't really happy to draw something with mechanic system but it was at a good moment, a gift for an anniversary of a friend 'cause he really loves the Rider (even if it's not the classic version). You can see the 2nd step of the process without the painting work, on the finish version, it's impossible to see the chrome on the Rider's member (I don't think any scannner can reproduce this effect on a computer).

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A little gift I did for a friend, he asked me a Yoda a few years ago and I finally did one for him, he just makes me laugh.


Tyler Durden

As I said earlier, it's a very difficult exercise to reproduce a real person, even if it's a caricature and the red paper didn't allow me to reproduce a perfect skin tone, I enjoyed working on the leather of the jacket and I'm pretty sure that I can do something better now. I see now that I forgot to draw the smoke of the cigarette

PinUp of the month : February 2008

The theme of the poll was "White" and Emma Frost was the best choice to me for a new try with acrylic paint, it was very tricky, you can mess this up but always step back covering your mistakes, I loved this new approach of colouring, and the idea had always crawled my mind, how does the suit hang on her ?

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Commission X-men

Bouzouk asked me 2 commissions (w/ Lobo)and this one wasn't the final product, I drawn a normal Piotr Rasputin when he thought I was going to do the metallic version, he drived me on each and every detail, the guitars, the hat, the size of the" cigarette" and finally he was happy (of course I had to paint Colossus the way he wanted) I never knew if he did the X-Men logo.
I had a lot of fun with this one, especially on Wolverine, honestly who can mess a Logan's sketch up, he's so easy to draw with his specific design.

comics redux

Another exercise from the french board Buzzcomics, take an old comics and draw an entire page with a new vision, you can do it the way you want and i'ts a really cool work, this time the comics was X-Force 1 by Rob Liefeld, I pick the page 5 and Domino on the cover (you have to choose quick because your page's could be pick by another artist).
You will find here the huge and talented work of each and every artists who participated on this great idea : RG III : X force 1
here the original page....

...and my version....

...and finally my version of Domino for the cover and colored by Tink (who's a very cool girl btw and a talented colorist).