PinUp of the month : April 2008

The theme was "the Fairy Tales", and the choices were Peter Pan, White Snow, Monsters, Baba Yaga,... and Red Hood won the poll, I was really happy to draw her, you have a lot of possibility with this character. My first sketch was pretty serious, very primitive and disturbing, something metaphoric, like an adult stalking a child (which is the real theme of this tale).
Finally the theme opened and we all did the same thing,all of us. A psycho, bloody werewolf fighting a sexy Red Hood, I was saying "oh man I have to do something else !!!" And it came naturally, always the same catchphrase "funny and sexy" and here the result.

You can check here the other artworks : la pin-up d'avril:le chaperon rouge
First idea......
and Final version :

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